How To Cleaning Your Furniture From Teak Wood

Furniture cleaning tips of wood first. Do not differ greatly from how to care for and clean your hardwood floors, wood is quite sensitive to the temperature of either hot or cold. Heat is typically from sunlight can make the oil contained wood become dry, so that the feel of natural wood furniture brought in time can fade. Besides the heat can make the wood becoming warped and cracked or broken. Exposed to excess sunshine can also make furniture become dull.

In addition to a high temperature, a low room temperature and temperature tend to make less light to become moist. The humidity will make the oxidation of wood into high. Moist air also can cause mold, termites, insects and other wood breeds and damage the wood furniture in your home. So, wood furniture cleaning tips the first is note the placement of your furniture with the furniture around the State.

Wood furniture cleaning tips from the second is to eliminate dust and dirt stick to the wooden furniture using the mini vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt stuck will make teak furniture is looking dull and gradually will become obsolete. You can also use fabric with a soft material or cotton fabric that’s been given a special wood cleaner fluid so that the wooden furniture is more clean and shiny again. Select special shine liquid wood which has a good quality. Don’t forget to read the instructions of its use.

The third cleaning tips, specifically for wooden furniture that is not coated with a protective layer, then avoid the furniture from the water. Without a protective layer, then the furniture that you have can easily absorb liquids. This will make your furniture becomes quickly obsolete, porous, and damaged. If the furniture is exposed to water or spill a drink, immediately dry with a soft cloth which has a high suction power to prevent liquid seep into your furniture.

Still at third, tips for cleaning the furniture that is not coated with a protective layer, use warm water that has been mixed with detergents that have a soft formula. Input a soft cleaning rag into the warm water and wring it out until it is damp, then use your furniture to clean up quickly. Then dry it with a soft cleaning rag and other dry to prevent water absorb into the pores of the wood.

The fourth tip is when your furniture is exposed to stains or sticky dirt such as coffee, tea, milk or another; try to clean it up quickly. Use a soft cleaning rag, and then dampen with warm water to wipe the dirt and sticky stains. After that, use a new cleaning cloth dry with soft material to rub sticky stain, dirt or scars, which are still attached to the furniture to dirt and stain, is totally gone. Attention, do not let your wet cleaning rag attached to the furniture too long because it can cause the wood to rot and become brittle.

The last tip or the fifth is frequently clean the engraving on your teak furniture. The part that must be frequently cleaned is on the sidelines of the carving and the corners of your furniture where dust, dirt, or mushrooms easy nesting. You can use a brush with a small size to clean it. How to use this to clean areas that are hard to reach when cleaned using ordinary cleaning rag.