How to Care Your Teak Furniture to be Durable and Long Lasting

The first way in taking care of teak furniture is that you must be careful to handle it. For example, if you want to move the seat of teak wood, then you should raise the seat correctly. I.e. with the raised seating section, not moved by way of shifting or lifted only at the backrest of seat only. By giving the slightest attention on your teak furniture; surely your teak furniture can last longer.

How to take care of teak wood furniture is the second polish the teak wood. If you are a part of people who liked the teak wood with its natural color, then you can use liquid oils to Polish teak furniture or teak furniture you. Do polishing on a regular basis and regularly in order to keep your teak furniture glazed, captivating, and the antique.

The third way is to diligently clean it every day. Care what you have to do every day? That is enough to sweep and wipe the surface parts of the wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden furniture, or other teak furniture with a soft washcloth or a feather duster. Give special attention to the hard part is cleaned, for example on the part of the carving. To clean the carvings use a small brush size and half inches, so that part of its corners can be reached.

The fourth way is to use furniture polish aerosol to clean the surface of the furniture is made from wood, teak wood, nor both of the others. Here’s how by spraying onto the surface of wooden furniture, be it furniture, tables, chairs, etc.; use as needed, and don’t forget to spray anyway at the sidelines of the furniture. Look for a furniture polish aerosol with best quality. Then you can clean it with spray results using a soft washcloth.

Thus the complete reviews how to clean and take care of teak wood furniture; and with attention to cleaning tips as well as caring for teak furniture, we hope the teak furniture belongs to you can always clean, shiny, durable, long lasting, and the antique.