Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Outdoor furniture, it’s been very popular and increasingly loved by all circles, coupled with increasingly affordable models and charming design with a more luxurious appearance.

Design of a furniture frame typically uses raw materials of teak wood, aluminum, or stainless steel, if combined with webbing, usually raw materials used is woven synthetic rattan and accessories made of plastic or other stainless steel.

Cushion furniture, which is made of fabric and foam, usually made with adapted for its use. If used for furniture that is placed inside the House, then usually the fabric used is an indoor fabric, as for the foam could use indoor foam or fire-resistant foam, depending on your taste. If the cushions are used for furniture outside the home, either in the garden, backyard, and poolside or on the terrace of the House, then you should use a special fabric for outdoor furniture with waterproof foam.

Why should a special outdoor fabric and waterproof foam? Because of the special fabrics and waterproof foam has large pores so that they do not absorb water when covered or rain, but the water will be held down to the floor or ground.

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Hopefully useful!